Introduction of car front scoop

by Paklorde north america inc on January 31, 2023 Categories: News

We are a company that produces car decorations, including car interior decoration and exterior decoration. What you will see now is a product introduction about the modified car.


front shovel. In most cases, installing a front fork will make your car look better. The front shovel of the car is generally made of PP/PU/ABS material, which has certain toughness. When your bumper is about to hit a wall, the road, or another vehicle, you will hear a louder sound in the car. So installing a car front shovel will protect your car bumper and protect your car from scratches. It also makes your car look wider and longer.


spoiler. Installing the front and rear spoilers of the car can increase the downforce of the car while driving. This is similar to the role of the rear wing of a car. We also sell spoilers and car spoilers.


These types of products need to be manually installed by the car owner, so the car owner needs to confirm whether the product is suitable for his car when purchasing. It is best to provide the seller with your own car information, such as 2016 audi A6.


Warm reminder: When the front shovel of the car passes the speed bump or enters the garage below, it is easy to hit the ground, please drive slowly.


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